Transform Your Company into a Data-Driven Powerhouse

Empower Your Team to Make Informed Decisions with Data

Were you aware that 65% of employees lack the ability to work with data, let alone make decisions based on it? Do you want your team to stand out from the rest?

Everything You Need to Foster a Data Culture in Your Organization





Support your company in improving decision-making with data through training.

Understanding Your Team

Discover the Level of Data Culture Among Your Employees with Individual Diagnoses and Aggregated Data Analysis.

Topics Evaluated
  • Data Context
  • Data Concepts
  • Data Understanding
  • Reading Data
  • Working with Data
  • Communicating with Data
  • Making Decisions with Data

Being an Agent of Change

Launching Digital Conferences and Presenting Results to Inspire Your Team.

Session Content
  • Program Introduction
  • The Purpose of Data
  • Business Changes
  • The Organization's Progress

Launching the Training Program

Boosting Your Team's Growth with Online, Live Courses, and Internal Content.

Tracking Their Progress

Measuring Employee Progress and the Impact of Training with Learning Analytics.

Which Activities Generated the Most Interest?
What's the Level of Participant Involvement?
How Have Habits Changed after Training?

Driving Data-Backed Decision-Making in Your Organization

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