Digital Maturity of Companies Report

Download the example report of the assessment of digital skills

Asses the technology-related behaviour and attitudes that transform the way any professional in any field works.

Benchmark yourself against the market and your competition

After analysing the data extracted from the assessment, we can provide an X-ray of the level of digital skills of a company's professionals, comparing them with the market and with other companies in the same sector, thanks to a benchmark of more than 28,000 answers.

This analysis provides a global vision of the digitization of the company and by previously defined groups .

    The first step to digital transformation

    Dozens of companies have already made use of our digital maturity audit since 2016. Companies such as SEAT, Bankinter, Leroy Merlin, Pernod Ricard Spain, Ferrer, Chiesi or Banc de Sabadell have managed to create a digital transformation plan for their employees based on assessment data and customised training for their teams.

    Based on European references

    Foxize's digital skills assessment is based on the benchmark European Framework for Digital Competences (DigComp) to explain what it means to be "digitally competent".

    The framework provides a comprehensive description of the knowledge, skills and competences that people need in 5 key areas:

      • Information and data analysis.

      • Communication and collaboration.

      • Creation of digital content.

      • Security and problem solving